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Sexual Assualt Evaluation Services (SANE)


The SANE Program is available at all three health centers and provides trained nursing professionals that provide a full array of forensic nursing care to victims of sexual assault including forensic physical examination and evidence collection, medication, crisis intervention, documentation of sexual assault history, and physical findings, discharge planning and referrals. SANE Nurses also work collaboratively with law enforcement and may provide testimony in criminal cases.

The SANE Program provides a unique forensic nursing approach to patient care that empowers and cares for the patient without judgment, while maintaining dignity, respect and compassion.  The visit and related services are provided at no cost and is available at all three OCHS health centers.

Click to read a helpful article– a general guide for victims and family members or friends of a person who has been sexually assaulted.

Susan Roderick

Meredith Goff