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HIV Care

Our care centers around the belief that people with HIV and AIDS need to live fulfilling lives. Our role from the beginning is to provide information, access to services and medical care to allow patients to stay in control of their lives. Our programs are designed to respond to the people we serve and to respond to their needs, and includes both medical and psychosocial support. The team is committed to maintaining a patient centered focus ensuring that patients are engaged in their care decisions and in control of their medical and social choices.

Our HIV protocols and guidelines reflect the most recent, updated guidelines of the US. Department of Health and Human Services and the International AIDS Society, U.S.A.

We collaborate with all healthcare resources on Cape Cod including AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, The Foley House, Infectious Disease Clinical Services at Cape Cod Health Care in Hyannis and Beth Israel Deaconess Care Group Infectious Disease Services in Boston.

The HIV Specialty Team includes:

Christopher Rowley, MD-Director of HIV Services

Bill Shay, MD, Director of HIVPrimary care

Matt Abar, Physician Assistant C(?)

Bryan Murphy, F Nurse Practitioner

Amy Wolf, LIC Social Worker

Joe Murphy, HIV Case Manager

Lisa Parkington, RN Infectious Disease Case Manager