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OCHS has provided film, then digital radiology services to patients in Provincetown since 1986, but upgraded the services in 2013 with the opening of the Radiology Department. Digital radiology, bone density, and mammography screening are now offered by highly trained technicians on state-of-art imaging equipment. Patient exams are read remotely by radiologists at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston and can be sent to specialists at other medical facilities upon request. Results are interfaced directly into OCHS electronic records cutting down on turnaround time for ensuring prompt care and follow up communication to patients.

If you have any questions about how to get a mammography or bone density screening exam at OCHS, please feel free to call our Radiology Department at 774-538-3314. We are available for calls Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

Mammography ABCs of Breast Cancer Early Detection

The American Cancer Society recommends these screening guidelines for most adults:

Annual Mammograms. Start at age 40 and continue as long as a woman is in good health

Breast Awareness. Women should know how their breasts normally look and feel and report any breast change promptly to their health care provider. Breast self-exam (BSE) is an option for women starting in their 20s.

Clinical Breast Exam. Have one every year by your doctor if you are 40 or older; every 3 years if you are in your 20s and 30s. With the new mammography and bone de